Founded by Dawayne Taylor in 2013, Branëu is a ready-to-wear apparel brand for men and women. With a dedication to quality fabrics and fit, Branëu exists as a reflection of modern-day art, history and culture as well as a vehicle for the circulation of new ideas.

With design origins in Richmond, Virginia and outsourced distribution and manufacturing based in Los Angeles, California, Taylor founded the brand as a means to propel continuous innovation through design and creative expression. A fashion enthuse, he is a self-taught visionary who memorializes personal narrative in his designs, which chronicle the profound journey of achieving success. At Branëu, a declared dream is an achieved dream.

Branëu exists at the intersection of luxury, quality and dedication. From concept to production, every Branëu garment is crafted with intimate precision, each piece requiring immense time and fine detail.